90 Minute, One on One Training Session

It’s not about your website’s Google Page Ranking.  It’s about how many times your business name appears on first page search results.

Prospects looking for your business are looking for value.  That unique combination of quality and cost. The evaluation of those elements starts with the Google Organic Search Results which are displayed once your prospect types in a key search phrase. They are most likely to contact your business if they see it repeated several times on the first page of their search results. You can make that happen YOURSELF.  It’s not technical.  We can help you learn how to have four, five and even six appearances of your business on the first page of Google.
Don’t pay the thousands of dollars that SEO firms charge monthly for something you, your staff or virtual assistant could do, and possibly do better!
$90 for 90 Minutes
(a $500 value)
What You’ll Learn
  1. How many people have searched for businesses like yours every month for the last 12 months
  2. Whether it makes sense for your business to market online
  3. How to evaluate your competitors online presence 
  4. Learn what you need to implement to advance above them in the search results
  5. How to leverage high domain authority websites to give you more appearances of your business on Google’s first page
What we’ll help create with you
realistic action plan that you can implement yourself to drive more prospects to your website. 

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